No problem too big for God

Mumbere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo At his birth, Mumbere’s physical problems were many, including spina bifida, hydrocephalus and clubfoot. Neighbors discouraged Mumbere’s parents by telling them their precious baby’s disabilities were too many to correct. But this poor Christian family had a hope beyond what their neighbors saw. Treating his other physical […]

You don’t always get what you pay for

Deborah in Haiti There’s a saying, “you get what you pay for.” But in the case of Lumenie and her daughter Deborah in Haiti, they discovered that when it comes to clubfoot treatment, “free” is always best. Deborah was born with clubfoot and her mom Lumenie was taking her to a clinic that was not […]

Learning to forgive

Mike in Rwanda It’s not unusual for parents of a child with clubfoot to be shunned by their neighbors and even their own family. What is unique is finding forgiveness in your heart through the treatment process. When Mike was born with clubfoot, his parents Jean Marie and Petronille wondered why God was punishing them. […]

Paid in full

Sabiou in Niger Zoubeirou, a butcher, and Dayaba, a homemaker, had many fears when their son Sabiou was born with clubfoot in Niger. “Don’t take your child to treatment,” their neighbors and relatives would say. “It is not good to change what God has done,” they argued.  This family felt the peer pressure of their […]

The Importance of Ponseti

Alian in the Dominican Republic Born in a private medical center, Alian began treatment right away after his family was referred to an orthopedic surgeon, but not all went as planned. When Alian’s mom Josefa started educating herself and watching videos on casting and manipulation techniques, she grew concerned over how her son was being […]

A family affair

Diego in Honduras For Diego’s family in Honduras, clubfoot is nothing new. This little boy was born with the treatable birth defect and so was his mother and uncle. When Diego’s mom Blanca was treated for clubfoot, surgery was one of the few options at the time. Today, this little boy is being treated with […]

Praise in the face of terror

Nelito in Mozambique Recent terrorist attacks in the town of Montepuez in Mozambique caused Nelito and his family to lose everything, but they were able to find something praiseworthy in Nelito’s healing! Nelito’s parents, Zita and Ernesto, came to Montepuez as refugees. Although they remain unemployed, they feel blessed to find treatment for their son’s […]

Earning her trust

Yeabkal in Ethiopia Trust is something that must be earned. When Selamawit’s son Yeabkal was born with clubfoot, this Ethiopian mother did not trust that the physical therapists could straighten his feet. But as time went on and Yeabkal’s feet improved with each new cast, the medical staff earned her trust. “I have been surprised […]

Blessings for Blessing

Blessings for Blessing Three days after Blessings birth, her father came to visit her in the hospital only for him to reject his family upon the shock of discovering his daughter had clubfoot. After blaming his wife for their daughter’s condition, he walked out of the hospital never to be seen again by his family.  […]

First steps

Austin in the Dominican Republic Knowing nothing about clubfoot, Austin’s parents, Felix and Keyraleza, were caught off guard when Austin was born with this condition. The hospital where Austin was born gave the family more information about what clubfoot is and one of Austin’s aunts led them in the direction of a Hope Walks partner […]