Try, try again

COVID and Clubfoot: Stories from the front lines When her daughter Precious was born in Kenya with clubfoot, Josephine was shocked because she had never seen the foot deformity before. Precious’ feet still showed no signs of progress even after a private clinic casted her feet seven times. When a friend advised her to go […]

Precious time lost

COVID and Clubfoot: Stories from the front lines When it comes to clubfoot treatment, early intervention is always best. Germain and Pierette learned this the hard way when their son Samuel was born with the disability in Benin. Not knowing why his feet were deformed and being ashamed, they decided to hide their son’s feet. […]

The right move

Abdoulaye in Burkina Faso Many people told Dad Oumarou and Mom Mamata that treatment was useless for their son Abdoulaye who was born with clubfoot. “This is God’s will for your son to be born like that,” they said. Instead of listening to the nay-sayers, this Muslim family went all-in with their son’s treatment. They […]

Hope Walks & Medical Aid Films release new video series on clubfoot

Dillsburg, PA (June 3, 2020) – In recognition of World Clubfoot Day, June 3, Hope Walks has partnered with Medical Aid Films to release a new series of four training videos about this treatable disability. Hope Walks led this effort on behalf of the clubfoot community and worked with Medical Aid Films to create this […]

Seven-year-old Fresno resident raises seeds of hope during pandemic

Aaron England is like a lot of other 7-year-old boys. He spends time playing outside with friends, riding his bike and swimming. But unlike many kids his age, Aaron is devoting much of his time these days for a special project to raise money to help kids around the world. Aaron was born with Congenital […]

Hope Walks expands clubfoot operations into 17th country

Dillsburg, PA (May 18, 2020) – Hope Walks, a non-profit that treats children with clubfoot in Latin America and Africa, has announced it will be starting a partner clinic in its 17th country, Sudan, in the Fiscal Year 2021.  The new clinic will be in partnership with Khartoum Cheshire Home, a center for the rehabilitation […]

Mission Possible

COVID & Clubfoot – Stories from the front lines Clinics in Burkina Faso recently started getting their foot abduction braces from Niger, but then the pandemic hit. With travel restrictions in place over most international borders due to COVID-19, getting the needed braces to Burkina Faso has been a challenge. And now the clinics in […]

Education has a calming effect

Edgar in Malawi When Agness saw her son’s feet for the first time, she did not believe his clubfoot could be corrected. But despair turned into hope as soon as they had an opportunity to meet with a Hope Walks parent advisor. These individuals are a key component to the entire treatment process, offering education, […]

Treasure among the trash

Jabo in Rwanda Mukeshimana works long hours as a cleaner at a Catholic church picking up pieces of carelessly discarded waste. When people saw her little boy Jabo with clubfoot, they too viewed him as worthless as the garbage his mom picks up for a living. But God had a special purpose for one piece […]

Weathering the storm

Anita holds her daughter Eliza by Linda Hansen, Hope Walks regional director of Africa Hope Walks runs a weekly clubfoot clinic at Beira Central Hospital in Mozambique. On Saturday, March 14, 2019, Beira was hit by Cyclone Idai, a devastating category 5 storm that wiped out so much of the city and its surroundings. The […]