Help is closer than imagined

Maaz in Zambia When Maaz’s family emigrated from India to Zambia in search of a different life, they faced many challenges. However, they never anticipated that their youngest of three sons, Maaz, would be born with clubfoot further adding to their struggles. But help was closer than they imagined. The father, Abdullai, works as a […]

Going against the flow

Chourème in Niger Standing up against your family and neighbors is never easy, but sometimes it is the only option you have, especially when it comes to taking care of your child.  When Chourème was born with clubfoot, his father’s family accused the mother of being responsible for the child’s deformity. Family members and neighbors […]

Trading snake oil for true healing

Godwin was born in Benin in February of this year. His father is a cleaner in a small restaurant and his mother is unemployed. This young family had no idea their child would be born with a disability. But there was precious little Godwin with two twisted feet. His parents, in their early 20s, sought […]

The truth will set you free

Boko in Benin When her son Boko was born with bilateral clubfoot, Genevieve was not given any explanation about the condition. She hid the deformity from her husband because she was afraid of what his reaction would be.  She only confided in Boko’s two grandmothers who assisted in the deception. But hiding something like this […]

Children belong to the community

John in Kenya One of the greatest strengths of Hope Walks and its mission of sharing Christian love is the dedicated and hard-working staff we have. John is one of those people. By the time he retired after working as the clubfoot clinic coordinator at Nyeri District Hospital in Kenya for 12 years, he had […]

Five easy ways to support Hope Walks

Prayer – Nothing is as powerful as an army of prayer warriors. Pray for the children, their families, the staff providing life-altering treatment, and that doors will be opened so more children can be served. Amazon Smiles – You already shop online. Your purchase may as well benefit a good cause like Hope Walks. Be sure to log […]

No more shame

Bradley in Haiti When Bradley was born, his dad and mom couldn’t wait to surprise their parents. But excitement turned to fear and shame when they found out Bradley had clubfoot. So instead of sharing a joyous moment, Rubens and Darline hid their son’s feet from the grandparents and friends. One of the greatest moments […]

A father’s love

Fatima in Ethiopia Early mornings and expensive transportation costs would not deter Nasir from getting clubfoot treatment for his daughter Fatima. “I have to take responsibility as the leader of my family,” he said. “I should care because I’m the father.” It cost Nasir 500 Ethiopian birr (about $17) to hire a driver to take […]

A new cycle of hope

Masika – the Democratic Republic of Congo We don’t know what causes clubfoot, but we often see it in multiple generations of one family. Kavira was not surprised when her daughter Masika was born with clubfoot because she and other relatives have it. Finding out her daughter could be healed was the big surprise. “Since […]

No more isolation

Isabella in the Dominican Republic When a child is born with clubfoot, often the parents feel an overwhelming sense of isolation from other families. That’s exactly what Arianny Mercedes felt when her daughter Isabella was born with clubfoot in the Dominican Republic.  Fortunately, Isabella’s pediatrician knew exactly what the condition was and knew where to […]