Every Child Deserves a chance to walk

Clubfoot is treatable, but too many families in low-income countries can’t access the treatment their child needs.


Your donation can help a child be free from the burden of clubfoot and shares the love of Christ in tangible actions.



Opportunity for Children

Hope for Families

Strengthened Healthcare Systems

Glory to God

A treatable condition shouldn’t keep a child from walking

Clubfoot is a common birth defect that can leave children with a lifelong disability. For many families in low-income countries, treatment is not accessible.

Less than $500 provides full treatment. Every dollar counts.


Early treatment can correct a child’s feet before their first steps.

Motivated by our hope in Christ, we work with local healthcare providers in 14 low- and middle-income countries to provide treatment for children born with clubfoot. For less than $500, clubfoot can be treated and corrected with simple casts and braces.

This throws open the doors of opportunity—for:

  • The child’s education
  • Parents to be free from the financial burden of disability
  • Communities to have one more able contributor

The impact is never just physical. It’s relational, social, financial, spiritual.

We believe that the greatest gift is not just freedom from clubfoot alone, but the hope that comes from walking with Jesus. We do what we do to serve Him and to share His love with those we serve.

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How it works

You Sponsor Treatment

For less than $500 or 12 monthly gifts of $40, you can make a difference for a child and his or her family.

the child receives treatment

Guided by a Hope Walks parent advisor, families take their children to a clinic where they’ll receive care from a local medical professional trained by our team. Just like children born with clubfoot in America, the child will wear casts for 5 to 8 weeks which will gently straighten their feet. Until the age of 5, the child will sleep in a brace to maintain the foot correction.

The child experiences life without disability

Most children who receive treatment will take their first steps on feet that have already been corrected. They’ll never experience the pain and shame of disability. They’ll experience life full of opportunities and exciting new possibilities.


Pierre in Burkina Faso

“If you submit your problem to people who know God, you’ll find the solution.”
Pierre’s grandfather

Alexis in DRC

“The joy I feel, I would like another parent to feel through the treatment offered by Hope Walks. God bless the program.”
Excauce’s dad

Cataleia in Mozambique

“Congratulations to the amazing work done by this program and thank you very much for the service and support.”
Cataleia’s mom

Marcy - Hope Walks donor

“Your organization is truly life changing for these kids. Having been born with clubfoot myself (and having been thru 12 painful surgeries), I am sooo grateful to see all these kids treated with no surgeries and with straight feet. Thank you for all that you guys do!!”

Raouda from Niger

“The day I came to [the clinic], my hope was renewed after sharing with the counselor. I have never seen a hospital or health center where a human being is so important than this hospital. We are grateful unto God and unto you, too.”

Sahda in Ethiopia

When I arrived at the clinic and saw the children with corrected feet, I was joyful. I have no greater joy than to see my son’s feet straight.

Sahda’s mom, Seada

How to Help

Option 1: Pray

Praying for the kids and families we help and our staff serving  around the world is the most powerful thing you can do. 

Option 2: Donate

For less than $500, a child can be free of the burden of clubfoot. As little as $24 provides several plaster casts that will start to straighten a child’s feet.

Option 3: Paint a Brace

Once a child’s feet are straight, they will wear a foot brace until the age of five. Brace-painting parties offer you a fun and unique way to brighten a child’s future.


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