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Country Staff

Butoyi Ladislas

Program Manager

Throughout his professional career, Butoyi has worked with promoting children’s rights so when he joined Hope Walks in 2017, it was a natural fit. He sees helping kids with clubfoot find healing is part of his life work to protect children. 

“Seeing children born with clubfoot growing and walking free from clubfoot makes me joyful. I also enjoy the collaboration and interactions between the Hope Walks staff.”

He holds degrees in public health-community development and nursing. He previously worked at Kira Hospital/Swiss Clinic, for the Burundi Ministry of Health and other local non-government organizations. 

When not working with kids in a clinic, he enjoys hiking in the mountains for fresh and to refresh his thoughts. 

Bishaza Aristid

Counseling Coordinator Burundi

When Bishaza sees the parent advisors he oversees impacting the lives of the families they serve, he is extremely happy. “I wanted to work with Hope Walks because it gives me an opportunity to serve the least privileged families and share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Bishaza started working for Hope Walks in 2020. Previously, he was with Nyangungu Hope School and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Université des Grands Lacs/Great Lakes University (Bujumbura, Burundi).

In his spare time, he likes to visit friends and go on church missions.

Sister Odette Habimana

Clinical Supervisor Burundi

For Sister Odette, there is no greater joy than to see a child who without clubfoot treatment would remain handicapped be given new opportunities through healing.

Prior to joining Hope Walks, she worked as a physiotherapist at MIVO Hospital. She earned her physiotherapist degree in Benin. In her spare time, she enjoys spiritual readings and further growing her knowledge on physiotherapy.

Clinic List

  • Institute St Kizito
  • CNAR Gitega
  • CHP Makamba
  • CHP Muyinga
  • Hopital de MIVO
  • Hopital REMA II 2016
  • Cibitoke Hospital
  • Kirundo Hospital
  • Rumonge Hospital
About the Country

One of Burundi’s core traditions is their “Royal Drummers” who exemplify national pride and joy. This percussion ensemble performs at official ceremonies, such as births, funerals and coronations of kings. Burundi is also rich in diversity, although between 1993-2005 a civil war broke out when two ethnic groups, the Tutsi and Hutu, fought over ethnic dominance. After years of war and displacement of families and children, Burundi now has an influx of returning refugees. 

Prayer Needs

Please keep this nation in your prayers this week. While 90% of the nation is Christian, violence between ethnic groups continues. Pray for peace in Burundi. As refugees return, pray that God’s Kingdom will prevail and He provides this country with food, education and spiritual awakening. We pray that our staff remain safe despite strife between people groups in Burundi.