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Phone: +265882814464

Email: malawi@hopewalks.org


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Annual Clubfoot Births

Clinic List

  • Beit CURE Hospital
  • Kasungu District Hospital
  • Lilongwe Bwaila District Hospital
  • Machinga District Hospital
  • Macoha Building and District Hospital
  • Mangochi District Hospital
  • Mulanje District Hospital
  • Mzimba District Hospital
  • Ntcheu District Hospital
  • Zomba Central Hospital (MAP wing)

Country Staff

Raphael Chitani

Program Manager

Knowing that he is helping to provide hope for families is one thing that Raphael loves about his job as program manager for the Hope Walks program in Malawi. He was inspired to join Hope Walks because of the holistic approach and knowing he is meeting their physical and spiritual needs.

Raphael holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery from the University of Malawi. Prior to joining Hope Walks, he worked at Management Sciences for Health. In his spare time, he loves to watch movies with his wife and daughter.

John Shuga

Clinical Supervisor

John is a result-oriented person. Because Hope Walks also is result-oriented, John was attracted to join this organization as clinical supervisor for Malawi in 2022. John says “Hope Walks doesn’t just talk big, it acts big.”

It has been John’s dream to be a change agent by providing quality clubfoot care and showing love to the kids born with clubfoot and their families. His greatest joy on the job is knowing, no matter how busy the day is, that he has done at least one thing which has made a positive difference for someone else.

Prior to joining Hope Walks, John worked for Mulanje District Hospital. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Monitoring and Evaluation from The Catholic University of Malawi and a Diploma in Clinical Orthopedics from the Malawi College of Health Sciences. 

He is happily married and has one daughter. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting historical monuments, volunteering and spending time with family.

Malawi Partnerships

About the Country

This small landlocked nation in East Africa is one of the most densely populated in the world. Nearly 20% of the nation is underwater with Lake Nyasa, the third largest lake in Africa. Its waters are home to fish species found nowhere else in the world.

Rich in natural resources, Malawi remains one of the least developed in the world. A brief period of economic growth in the 1970s and 80s has since passed, and today the government struggles to solve poor telecommunications, unreliable power, infrastructure and water shortages. The country also has rampant cases of Malaria, yellow fever and AIDS. Christianity is spreading and about 75% of the population are Christian.

Prayer Needs

Please pray for Malawi’s government to remain stable and to grow this country’s infrastructure. We pray that the Malaria, yellow fever and HIV/AIDS issues can be reduced. We ask God for discernment and safety for our staff in Malawi as they continue to provide treatment to families.