Dominican Republic

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (829) 520-5187

Email: dominicanrepublic@hopewalks.org

Social Media: @HWRepublicaDominicana


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Country Staff

Ivelisse Sanchez

Ivelisse Sanchez

Program Coordinator

Ivelisse serves as the program coordinator in the Dominican Republic, where she currently oversees two partner clinics across this island nation. She has worked with Hope Walks since 2021 and says everything she does with Hope Walks makes her very happy. She especially loves serving, helping and giving hope to people in extreme need. 

Prior to her time at Hope Walks, she was in business administration and was a human resources manager. She holds a degree in Industrial Psychology. 

When not busy helping children and families through Hope Walks, she loves to spend time with her family, play sports, and share her love of Christ wherever she can.

Clinic List

  • Dario Contreras Hospital
  • Arturo Grullon Hospital
About the Country

When Columbus first stepped foot on the Dominican Republic, colonization began. Although this Carribean nation now stands as a democratic republic, they first gained independence from the U.S. in 1924 and ended a dictatorship in 1961. The Dominican Republic shares the Hispaniola island with neighboring Haiti. In recent years 800,000 Haitian immigrants and refugees have poured into the country to escape poverty. 

Prayer Needs

With the church rapidly growing in the Dominican Republic, Afro-Spiritism often mixes with Christianity, so we pray for God’s true gospel to be heard. We also pray for the Dominicans and Haitian immigrants facing poverty and political corruption. We pray that God’s Kingdom prevails in this nation.