Host a Brace-painting Party & help kids with clubfoot

A fun and unique way to help a child with clubfoot – a very treatable birth defect.

Forget those boring charity fundraisers at fast-food restaurants or stuffy galas. Paint a brace used in the treatment process and brighten the world of a child born with clubfoot. You’ll have fun while helping a child take his or her first steps on straight feet.

$20 Donation = 1 Pair of Leathers

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Price: $15.00
Please don’t let cost stop you from ordering a box. You and your friends and family can still help paint the future bright with whatever amount you feel led to donate. Each pair of leathers will make one brace. Once completed, braces cost $20. Would you be willing to pay it forward and cover the cost of the brace for the child who gets your masterpiece? When you submit this form, it will take you to a donation form if you'd like to make one, you can do so there!
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If donations are sent via mail, please write "Brace Painting Party" in the memo line of your check and send it to Hope Walks, PO Box 218, York Springs, PA 17372. Thank you!
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On average it costs $20 per leather to:

  1. Ship to US Headquarters and take to Africa. (Staff usually carry an extra suitcase or two when we travel to the field.)
  2. Manufacture the Braces (We hire local workers to turn your leathers into a brace.)
  3. Deliver them to Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda or Zambia, where they get put on the feet of a child with clubfoot.