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Phone: +504 99575426

Email: honduras@hopewalks.org

Social Media: @hopewalkshonduras


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Clinic List

  • Clinica Familiar Municipal de Santa Barbara
  • Hospital Materno Infantil
  • Fundacion Ruth Paz
About the Country

Honduras is the second largest and the second poorest nation in Central America. It is home to one of the last remaining tropical rain forests in North America. In late 2020, it was hit hard by two back-to-back hurricanes (Eta and Iota) that left widespread destruction and flooding that will take years of recovery. About 95% of the population claim Christianity as their religion, with Roman Catholicism the largest segment. 

Prayer Needs

Please pray for Honduras’s socio-economic issues, such as children at risk, HIV/AIDS and gang violence. More than half of the nation’s population are children. The large orphan population often gets involved with gangs and the sex trade out of desperation. Pray for Hope Walks staff, clinicians and the families we serve.