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Country Staff

Jean Claude Habyarimana

Program Manager

Jean Claude Habyarimana is overjoyed by seeing hopeless families rejoice in Christ when they meet with Parent Advisors and experience the love of God through the healing of their children with clubfoot. He serves as the Program Manager in the African nation of Rwanda. Jean Claude joined Hope Walks in 2015, after working at Nyamata Hospital as Head of Physiotherapy and at the Rwanda Ministry of Health as a District M&E Officer in the Nyagatare District.

Jean Claude has an advanced diploma in physiotherapy from Kigali Health Institute, a bachelor’s degree in demography from Kigali Independent University, and a postgraduate degree in health informatics from the University of Rwanda. When he is not working, Jean Claude loves to spend time with his wife and four children.

Alain Munyeshuri

Clinical Supervisor

Alain Munyeshuri works with Hope Walks as a Clinical Supervisor in Rwanda. Alain has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from the University of Rwanda, and he is pursuing a master’s degree in public health from Mount Kenya University in Rwanda. He first began working for Hope Walks in 2018, but before this he worked at the Gahini Rehabilitation Center for seven years.

He was drawn to work with Hope Walks because of his desire to serve children and improve their future life, without clubfoot. Alain enjoys watching the news, listening to Rwandan music, cycling, as well as cooking for his family.

Francoise Hagenimnana

Counseling Coordinator

Francoise Hagenimnana says that she feels blessed to be working with Hope Walks because she is able to work with children and help give them a better future. She serves as a Counseling Coordinator for the Hope Walks Clinic in Rwanda. Francoise holds a bachelor’s degree from the Catholic Institute of Kabgayi and a master’s degree from Kabale University. Her goals are to build on her knowledge and experience in order to contribute to a better tomorrow. In her free time, she enjoys walking while listening to slow music.

Clinic List

  • Gahini Rehabilitation Center
  • Gikondo Inkuru Nziza Orthopedic Hospital
  • Muhima District Hospital
  • Kabgayi District Hospital
  • University Teaching Hospital of Butare (CHUB)
  • Ruhengeri Referral Hospital
  • Gihundwe District Hospital
  • Masaka District Hospital
  • Rilima Orthopedic and Pediatric Surgery and Rehabilitation Centre
  • Nyamata District hospital
  • Kibuye Referral Hospital
  • Gisenyi District Hospital
  • HVP Gatagara Orthopedic & Rehab. hospital
About the Country

Rwanda is one of the African continent’s smallest nations. In the mid 90s, it experienced a devastating genocide that took 800,000 lives. National stability is still challenging this nation. However, education, health and income among its people are steadily improving. It now has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Despite this, more than 60% of the population still lives on less than $1.25 a day. 

Suffering from the genocide has led many Rwandans to seek faith. Some people have converted to Islam, while others have been open to Christianity. In the past several years, the Church in Rwanda has seen dramatic growth.

Prayer Needs

This month, we ask you to add Rwanda and its people to your prayer list. This proud nation has ongoing political and economic challenges. Due to the genocide, many have turned away from their Christian faith or have been ensnared by false gospel messages. Pray for the families we serve, our staff on the ground and that true gospel seeds can be planted in the hearts of Rwandans.