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Phone: (+227) 91687641

Email: niger@hopewalks.org


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Annual Clubfoot Births

Clinic List

  • Agadez Regional Hospital
  • CURE Niger
  • Diffa Regional Hospital
  • Dosso Regional Hospital
  • Konni District Health Center
  • Lamorde National Teaching Hospital
  • Maradi Regional Hospital
  • Tahoua Regional Hospital
  • Tillabery Regional Hospital
  • Zinder National Hospital

Country Staff

Moussa Yahaya

Program Manager

Moussa has been a part of Hope Walks since 2011, when he started out as a parent sdvisor. He started this when his own son began treatment for clubfoot at a Hope Walks Clinic in Niger. Since then, his son has received complete healing from clubfoot. Moussa has worked in several different roles, including counseling coordinator, team leader, and currently as program manager. 

Other than Hope Walks, Moussa is in full-time ministry as a pastor. He enjoys sharing the Gospel with Muslims in his community, as well as sharing and discussing other religions with the hope of bringing others to Christ. He says that his biggest passions are reading and spending time watching comedies with his family.

Moussa Moise Henri Martin

Clinical Supervisor

Community is extremely important to Moussa, and it was his desire to serve his community that drew him to join Hope Walks in 2014. Moussa works as a Clinical Supervisor in Niger, and he takes great pride in being able to help liberate children from the burden of being born with clubfoot. 

Moussa holds license degrees in physiotherapy and human resources management, and he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in project management. In his free time, Moussa loves to read, play basketball, and watch documentaries and the news.

from left: Moutari Malam Saddi, Africa regional manager; Harouna Souley, Moussa Moise Henri, Moussa Yahaya.

About the Country

The West African country of Niger is home to one of the fastest-growing national populations. With the Sahara Desert spanning two-thirds of its surface area, it is one of the hottest countries in the world. The United Nations consistently ranks Niger as one of the least developed nations. 

Years of instability, coups and violence have continued to trouble this country. It is considered one of the poorest nations in the world. Slavery is still prevalent in some parts of Niger and there is widespread violence throughout this landlocked country against Christians.

Prayer Needs

We ask that you keep Niger and its people in your prayers. The country has a long history of political instability, drought and poverty, all of which have gravely affected the lives of Nigeriens. Pray for Hope Walks’ staff as they provide care and minister to families of children with clubfoot, as well as for an increased awareness of available clubfoot treatment among the people.