Happy Birthday! As you celebrate another trip around the sun, we invite you to make your special day devoted to a child born with clubfoot. This birth defect is completely treatable, yet thousands of kids grow up to become disabled adults, anyways. You can help change that.

Start a birthday fundraiser with Hope Walks and turn your celebration into a meaningful event that will transform the life of a child! Get your friends and family involved in the treatment of a child born with clubfoot. Full treatment for one child costs about $500. That means if 10 of your friends give $50 each, you all have helped save a young child from a life of disability. The $500 covers the costs of four to eight weeks of casts followed by braces to maintain the correction that they will wear until age 5.

Only about 25% of children born with this treatable birth deformity in low- and middle-income countries will access treatment. The generosity of you and your friends will help more kids walk free from the burden of clubfoot.

On your next birthday, that child could be running and jumping on beautiful straight feet, all thanks to your help. Click the ‘Start Fundraising!’ button to get started. Thank you for helping a child live free from disability. Enjoy your birthday, and here’s to making a difference!

Birthday Fundraisers