Host a Brace-painting Party & help kids with clubfoot

Have fun while helping a child take his or her first steps on straight feet. Paint a brace used in the treatment process and brighten the world of a child born with clubfoot!

What is a Brace-painting party?

Hope Walks provides free treatment for kids born with clubfoot in Latin America and Africa.

This common birth defect is completely treatable. We use the gold-standard, minimally invasive Ponseti method of casts and braces (Yes! The ones you will be painting).

  • Each party box includes leathers and paint pens.
  • You send them back to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you provide your contact information, we’ll even send you a photo of your leather turned into a brace from Africa. 

Brace-Painting Parties…

Are Unique

This is a unique fundraising experience you and your friends will talk about for years.

Make people smile

Host a party and you will help a child born with clubfoot! Your friends will thank you for not inviting them to a humdrum event.

Give you Confidence

This project transforms the life of a child and their family in a very tangible way. Once your leather is made into a brace, we’ll email you a photo from Africa!

It’s super easy


Order Your Party Box


Invite Friends


Have fun & Transform Lives

We’ll send you a photo when your leather is turned into a life-transforming brace and is ready to be given to a child in need, like one of the cuties below. Finally, a fundraiser where you can literally see the difference you are making!

Pick your party size

Whether hosting a small intimate gathering of friends or a larger church or corporate event, you are in charge of how many leathers you want.

Each pair of leathers comes in a cloth bag including three paint markers, a tracking card, information about clubfoot, a Hope Walks sticker and a pen.

To share the cost with your guests, we suggest everyone chip in a minimum of $20 per leather to cover the cost of materials, production and shipping for each leather they paint. Each donation helps more kids walk free of clubfoot.

Please call us at (717) 502-4400 for larger groups to make arrangements. 

Why Braces?

Clubfoot is a common, yet treatable, birth defect. Using a process of casts and braces (this is where you come in), clubfoot can be easily corrected in infants. This is known as the Ponseti method, the worldwide gold-standard. Once the casts have straightened the feet in a few weeks or months, the braces are used to maintain the foot correction until the child is about five years old.

What are you waiting for?

At Hope Walks, we know you have a heart for kids in need but don’t always know where to begin. If you’re looking for a unique and easy way to help kids, our brace-painting party boxes offer you and your friends a fun way to do just that.

You don’t need to be the next Rembrandt or Picasso to paint a brace. Simple is best — polka dots, strips, stars. Your efforts will literally brighten a child’s future. If you provide your contact information, we’ll share a photo of your painted leather once it is turned into a brace in Africa. All you need to do is order a brace-painting party box, invite some friends and have fun while transforming the life of a child.

Here’s what one painter said after receiving a photo of her leather turned into a brace.

“Oh my goodness! What a wonderful surprise to see in my inbox. Thanks so much for sharing!!”

Anonymous Brace Painter

Our little secret…

Does a brace really need to be painted? No, it will work just fine all black or brown and boring. But as you can imagine, kids often complain about wearing these braces while they sleep.

A fun-looking and colorful brace can help a child want to wear it. Our program manager in Zambia told us about one little boy who was in tears when he grew out of his painted brace and had to move up to the next size and we didn’t have a painited brace for him.

Your painted braces encourage our moms to return to the clinic when their child outgrows their current boots.

Imagine the gratitude of a clubfoot mom or dad who will have fewer struggles getting their child to wear a brace.  This is more than just an art project. It is a device that is a vital part of the healing process.

Order soon!

The number of braces Hope Walks needs each year is limited. Our goal for this year is 5,000. Once we reach our yearly limit, you will be placed on a waiting list.
Painters must be 13 years or older and adult contact information must be provided to receive photos of finished braces.

Pick Your Party Size

We’re so glad you want to take the next step to paint the future bright for kids with clubfoot. Tell us what type of party you plan to host. 

Suggested Donation = $20/Pair of Leathers

 If you and your friends and family would like to have a small gathering and paint leathers (approximately 10 leathers or less), click the button above.

If your organization or church group would like to hold an event or retreat and include brace painting as an activity, we’d love to partner with you. Click the button above to get started.

On average it costs $20 per leather to:

  1. Ship to US Headquarters and take to Africa. (Staff usually carry an extra suitcase or two when we travel to the field.)
  2. Manufacture the Braces (We hire local workers to turn your leathers into a brace.)
  3. Deliver them to Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda or Zambia where they get put on the feet of a child with clubfoot.

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