Sahda in Ethiopia

When Sahda was born, his mother and father had different perspectives on how to treat their son’s clubfoot. His father, Siraj, thought that he would be healed without seeking medical treatment. However, his mother, Seada, wanted to get help for her son at a clinic.

Their family wanted nothing to do with the couple or Sahda since the moment he was born. Siraj and Seada were shocked that their child had clubfoot, and they did not know what to do next.

The COVID-19 pandemic added to the challenges. Often Seada thought it would be too difficult to find healing for her son’s clubfoot. However, a nurse she encountered knew of the Hope Walks partner clinic at the Black Lion Hospital, and she encouraged them to go there for treatment.

When they went to the clinic, the staff explained the Ponseti method to them. They would use this treatment to fix Sahda’s bilateral clubfoot using a series of casts and braces.

“When I arrived at the clinic and saw the children with corrected feet, I was joyful. I have no greater joy than to see my son’s feet straight,” Seada said.

She was delighted to hear her son could have a normal life without clubfoot. In the following months, she diligently and eagerly followed the instructions of the staff at the clinic so Sahda’s feet would be straightened.

Seeing that his son’s feet were progressively coming into the correct position, Siraj realized that the treatment was good for his son. “My family and relatives have not visited us since the baby was born, but you [parent advisors] came to visit. You and Hope Walks are my family,” Siraj shared with Hope Walks staff at the clinic.

Before treatment



After treatment