Finding a family through healing

Sahda in Ethiopia When Sahda was born, his mother and father had different perspectives on how to treat their son’s clubfoot. His father, Siraj, thought that he would be healed without seeking medical treatment. However, his mother, Seada, wanted to get help for her son at a clinic. Their family wanted nothing to do with […]

Freedom From Clubfoot

Clever in Rwanda At 5 years old, Clever is an active child. He runs, jumps and plays like other kids his age. In fact, his life seems so normal now that it is hard to believe that he was actually born with clubfoot.  Living in a culture that vilifies physical disability, Clever’s parents tried to […]

Endless advice

Abigail in Malawi When Abigail was born with clubfoot in Malawi, her parents had no shortage of advice from friends and neighbors on how to best treat the child.  Neighbors encouraged parents Masina and Monica to manipulate Abigail’s feet on their own. Others told them to use warm water and massage oil into the feet […]

A new closeness

Eliana in Mozambique Emidio and Arcinia are both hard-working parents, but making ends meet is a challenge. Emidio has been working in neighboring South Africa to find better employment and sending money back home to his wife. Their budget was already tight, but the global pandemic made things even worse. Emidio’s employer reduced his paycheck.  […]

A Strong Woman of God

Chisomo in Malawi When a child is born with clubfoot, challenges abound not just for the child, but also for the parents. Some parents may have adverse reactions to the condition, while others may use it as an opportunity for growth. This is certainly true in the case of Chisomo, who is currently receiving clubfoot […]

Caleb in Togo

Caleb in Togo Things could not have been more challenging for Fougue when her son Caleb was born with clubfoot. This mother without a job was abandoned by her husband and her in-laws refused to acknowledge that Caleb was their grandson. Fougue took Caleb to a traditional healer who used herbs to treat his birth […]

An effective treatment for clubfoot

Dennis from Kenya Grace and David are no strangers to clubfoot. Over the past couple of decades, the family has had two cases of clubfoot, both of which were successfully treated, albeit not using the gold-standard casting and bracing process known as the Ponseti method. Despite these previous encounters, the couple was no less worried […]

You are not alone

Zalika in Niger When facing hardships of any kind, knowing you’re not alone is one of the greatest forms of comfort. This was the case for Haoua, whose daughter Zalika was born with clubfoot.  The fifth child of Haoua and her husband Saley, Zalika is the first case of clubfoot in her family. Because the […]

No problem too big for God

Mumbere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo At his birth, Mumbere’s physical problems were many, including spina bifida, hydrocephalus and clubfoot. Neighbors discouraged Mumbere’s parents by telling them their precious baby’s disabilities were too many to correct. But this poor Christian family had a hope beyond what their neighbors saw. Treating his other physical […]

You don’t always get what you pay for

Deborah in Haiti There’s a saying, “you get what you pay for.” But in the case of Lumenie and her daughter Deborah in Haiti, they discovered that when it comes to clubfoot treatment, “free” is always best. Deborah was born with clubfoot and her mom Lumenie was taking her to a clinic that was not […]