The right move

Abdoulaye in Burkina Faso Many people told Dad Oumarou and Mom Mamata that treatment was useless for their son Abdoulaye who was born with clubfoot. “This is God’s will for your son to be born like that,” they said. Instead of listening to the nay-sayers, this Muslim family went all-in with their son’s treatment. They […]

A new brace for Grace

COVID and Clubfoot – Stories from the front lines During the pandemic, many villages are under quarantine in Burkina Faso. As a result, most families cannot get to the clubfoot clinics. For six-month-old Grace, this meant no new braces. But when her parents called the clinic to let them know Grace’s brace no longer fit, […]

Clubfoot answers at the speed of the…internet

When their daughter Adele was born with clubfoot, her parents wasted no time in finding out what the condition was and where it could be treated by doing some research on the internet. In fact, even with no knowledge of clubfoot, Orlando and Candy had their daughter in her first cast when she was barely […]

Sometimes our vision is limited

Vicky in DR Congo     When Mireille saw her son Vicky for the first time with his right foot twisted due to clubfoot, she imagined that surgery would be the only possible way to correct his condition. The thought of surgery on her sweet little boy stole away what should have been one of […]

Help is closer than imagined

Maaz in Zambia When Maaz’s family emigrated from India to Zambia in search of a different life, they faced many challenges. However, they never anticipated that their youngest of three sons, Maaz, would be born with clubfoot further adding to their struggles. But help was closer than they imagined. The father, Abdullai, works as a […]

Going against the flow

Chourème in Niger Standing up against your family and neighbors is never easy, but sometimes it is the only option you have, especially when it comes to taking care of your child.  When Chourème was born with clubfoot, his father’s family accused the mother of being responsible for the child’s deformity. Family members and neighbors […]

No more shame

Bradley in Haiti When Bradley was born, his dad and mom couldn’t wait to surprise their parents. But excitement turned to fear and shame when they found out Bradley had clubfoot. So instead of sharing a joyous moment, Rubens and Darline hid their son’s feet from the grandparents and friends. One of the greatest moments […]

A father’s love

Fatima in Ethiopia Early mornings and expensive transportation costs would not deter Nasir from getting clubfoot treatment for his daughter Fatima. “I have to take responsibility as the leader of my family,” he said. “I should care because I’m the father.” It cost Nasir 500 Ethiopian birr (about $17) to hire a driver to take […]

Shabir from Mozambique

“They never expected this miracle.” Shabir from Mozambique Some of the families we meet from remote villages have no context for things many people consider to be common—things like water faucets, toilets, and doorknobs (sometimes, even doors). So imagine living in a remote village along the coast of Mozambique and having a child born with […]

Cameron from Benin

We don’t know much about how Cameron came into this world, but we do know that he was abandoned by his family. We can guess it had something to do with the fact that he was born with two feet twisted inward by clubfoot. Thankfully, Cameron was adopted by a woman in Benin—even though she […]