Exauce in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Angelique and Alexis were shocked when their child Exauce was born with clubfoot. Angelique cried and wouldn’t talk to anyone. Neighbors blamed the situation on bad luck in the family. 

However, these parents did not allow the stress of the situation to get in the way of their relationship. Often, having a child born with a disability can tear a family apart. The parent advisor at the clinic helped this family know that clubfoot is treatable and comforted them throughout their trials.

They expressed their gratitude to the Hope Walks project in the Swahili language in these terms: “Mungu ni mwema yeye aliye leta ujuzi kwa Hope Walks wa kutunza watoto wenye vikanyangio vyenye kupengama,” meaning “God is good who gave Hope Walks skills to treating children with clubfoot.”