Nawa in Zambia

Nawa was born into a loving family in Ndola New Hillcrest in Zambia. Her father, Manifred, is a caretaker and farmer who is very invested in his daughter. Manifred and his wife, Catherine, were unsure of what to do when they realized that their daughter was also born premature and had clubfoot. It was depressing for them not to know what to do or where to find a solution. 

Thankfully a clinician at their hospital was able to tell the couple about Hope Walks. When Catherine and Manifred went to the Hope Walks partner clinic they were met by a parent advisor who walked them through the treatment process. The couple could breathe again as they had found a way to help their little girl. 

Catherine and Manifred were a unified team determined to get their daughter treatment. They never missed an appointment and learned that as much as they could lean on each other when the treatment was hard they could also lean on the Lord. Through their daughter’s treatment, both parents became Christians and found continued strength in Jesus Christ.

Nawa is now in the bracing phase of treatment, where she wears a brace at night and naptime to keep her feet in the correct position, and her parents enjoy seeing the positive correction of her feet. 

Catherine can now dream of her daughter becoming a nurse, a dream that would have been impossible before treatment.

By Abby Baileys, student intern