Justin in the Dominican Republic

Things did not go smoothly for Justin from the beginning. His mom, Rosa Maria, had a complicated pregnancy, but was able to deliver Justin without too many issues. However, her son’s twisted feet were never properly diagnosed. Rosa Maria found treatment for Justin, but she became very frustrated after many appointments that never resolved her son’s clubfoot. 

Eventually, Rosa Maria and her partner decided to move to Santo Domingo. Here they found a doctor who properly diagnosed Justin’s clubfoot and referred the family to Darío Contreras Hospital where Hope Walks runs a partner clinic. By now, Justin was almost two years old, but all the while Rosa Maria said to herself, “I must not give up! I have already fought a lot, and I must continue to the end!”

Her persistence has paid off. Justin is well on his way to recovery from clubfoot. To Rosa Maria, it is the difference between earth and heaven to see her son getting better every day.