Sami in DRC

Goreth and Obed were shocked when their son Sami was born with clubfoot. Their community mocked their son and blamed Goreth for her son’s condition. It can be hard to find peace when going through difficult seasons in life like this. Trusting and accepting that your suffering is a part of God’s plan can be challenging. However, this was not the case for Goreth and Obed.  

Sami’s father Obed quickly accepted that their son having clubfoot was not Goreth’s fault but rather part of God’s greater plan. After accepting that this was a part of God’s plan, they sought help for their son. Another family in their community had a child with clubfoot and told them about a clinic in DRC that treated their child with the same condition. 

While Sami was undergoing treatment at Hope Walks partner clinic in DRC, Goreth and Obed were comforted by a parent advisor. The parent advisor reassured them that Sami’s condition was not Goreth’s fault and that he would be cured. The parent advisor also explained the treatment process and gave Goreth and Obed the strength to continue treatment for their son. 

Throughout Sami’s treatment, one thing stayed consistent for Goreth and Obed, their faith. Today, Goreth and Obed continue their walk with God and pray that other children with clubfoot will be healed.

Goreth said, “The joy I feel, I would like another parent to feel through the treatment offered by Hope Walks.”