Merceline in Kenya

You welcome your newborn daughter into the world on a happy, joyous day, only for it to be quickly clouded by confusion, fear, and despair. Your daughter is born with a disability previously unknown to you – her future uncertain, her new life already marred.

Until – you found a path out from despair.

Merceline was born to a young couple in Malindi who had never seen nor heard of any condition like clubfoot before. They thought it was a novel disability unique to their newborn daughter. 

Luckily, clinicians at their local healthcare facility quickly identified her plight and directed the family to a nearby Hope Walks partner clinic in Malindi. Their daughter’s disability might now have a name, but they still did not know how to heal it.

They said, “We couldn’t believe this deformity is treatable.”

Upon arriving at the clinic two days after Merceline’s birth, they met with one of the Hope Walks parent advisors, who clung to their side throughout this challenging time, giving much-needed reassurance.

From the moment the first cast was removed weeks later, her parents could scarcely believe their eyes. This first step toward healing showed them that their daughter’s future was not so grim. Merceline’s parents remain ever-grateful for their infant daughter’s liberation and the hope placed within their grasp. When confusion and fear clouded their joy, trust, and faith led them and their child to a better tomorrow.