Kevin in Burundi

Jacqueline and Emmanuel live in Cibitoke Province, Burundi, raising eight children. The family has limited income because the parents do not have permanent jobs. They work for their neighbors and get paid for what they have done. When their son Kevin was born with bilateral clubfoot it was not easy for the parents. They felt shameful and hid the child’s feet from friends. They became hopeless and thought there was no treatment for their son.

During their season of hopelessness, the family heard about the new clinic in Cibitoke Province during a Sunday church service and decided to come to the clinic for treatment. Their first trip to the clinic was hard because they did not have the money for transport, but they did it for their son. Jacqueline was the only one able to go to the clinic because of the cost. However, Emmanuel always made phone calls to the clinic to make sure the mother and son arrived safely.

During Kevin’s treatments, the family was surprised by how much care they received from the Hope Walks partner clinic. Because of the family’s financial situation, they received support in transport while their child was being treated successfully. Also, while Kevin was going through treatment, his mother heard the word of God and received Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. Hearing the word of God has increased family prayer time at home and has helped Jacqueline and Emmanuel’s relationship.

Kevin began receiving treatment earlier this year and now has corrected feet. When all hope felt lost for their son, God delivered. Not only did Hope Walks correct Kevin’s feet, but also helped his family find salvation.

“We are very happy and grateful to Hope Walks for having opened a clinic in our Province. We are also thankful for providing all the treatment materials for free. We also thank the clinic staff for the good care and commitment to treating our child.”

Kevin before treatment began.

Kevin standing on straight feet.