Chour?me in Niger

Standing up against your family and neighbors is never easy, but sometimes it is the only option you have, especially when it comes to taking care of your child.?

When Chour?me was born with clubfoot, his father?s family accused the mother of being responsible for the child?s deformity. Family members and neighbors threatened Hamma and Amina when they tried to take their son in for treatment at the Hope Walks partner clinic at the Cure Hospital in Niamey, Niger.?

One neighbor even told the parents not to bother with treatment because Chour?me?s feet would just relapse. When the father-in-law saw his grandson in casts for the first time, his anger burned stronger. He thought Chour?me had been injured.

Despite extreme opposition, Hamma and Amina knew that they would rather live in an uncomfortable situation than see their son grow up to be disabled. They credit the parent advisor for giving them faith that the treatment process would work.

?”I thank God for my child?s treatment and His providence for bringing the clubfoot program in Niger. Or else, I don?t know what would become of my son when he grows up,? Amina said.

Today, Chour?me?s feet are straightened and he is wearing braces only at night. Healing his feet was the easy part. Healing relationships may take a little longer, but Hamma and Amina are up to the challenge with God?s help.