Fabrice in Rwanda

Difficult medical challenges have a way of adding stress to any family. When Fabrice was born with clubfoot, tension was high between his mom Theodosia and dad Jean Claude. “We don’t have deformity in my family,” Jean Claude would say. He washed his hands of the situation and left the care of Fabrice to his wife.

Even though Christians, this family had stopped going to church or even praying two years before. But one day, Theodosia was moved to go back to church after this long pause. That morning, she heard an announcement from the pulpit that free clubfoot treatment was available at HVP Gatagara Hospital where a Hope Walks partner clinic was located. She could hardly believe her ears.

Excited, she shared the news with her husband. He did not stop her from pursuing treatment for Fabrice, but he said she would have to cover all the transportation expenses herself. Theodosia took matters into her own hands and asked the village’s general assembly for financial support. Neighbors agreed to share their resources so Fabrice could be healed.

On her first visit, Theodosia met the clinic’s parent advisor, Theresie. She was an encouraging presence to this lonely mom. She would share information about clubfoot and talk openly about God and His love for all children. What if her husband could hear such words of encouragement, Theodosia thought. This prompted her to invite Theresie to their home, which she gladly accepted. On the second visit, Theresie connected the family with a pastor at a local church.

God used Theresie and the pastor to change Jean Claude’s heart. Now this family once filled with strife found a new hope all because their son was born with clubfoot. As John 9:3 says, ”It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” Today, this family acts as ambassadors for clubfoot awareness everywhere they go.

from left: Jokebed sits on her mom’s lap during a brace checkup. The shirt created by Jokebed’s parents as a sign of appreciation for the treatment she received. Jokebed with straight feet.

Fabrice before treatment began.

Fabrice during the casting phase. Casts are what eventually straightened his feet.

Fabrice standing on beautifully straight feet.

Fabrice and his dad.