Ernest in Rwanda

When Alice?s son Ernest was born with clubfoot, she thought it was a permanent disability so there was no need for treatment. Fortunately,? a community health worker saw Ernest and advised this family from Rwanda to seek treatment at the Hope Walks partner clinic in Kabgayi. Too many families like this never seek treatment simply because they don?t know clubfoot can be treated. As a result, their children remain disabled for the rest of their lives. For Ernest, his healing came just in the nick of time.

Like many families, knowing treatment is available is one thing. But even if they are aware that feet twisted by clubfoot can be straightened, getting to a clinic is the next challenge in countries where public transportation often is beyond most family budgets. This did not deter Alice who often would walk 13 miles with Ernest to get to the clinic.

Once there, she became part of the clubfoot community of parents. The parent advisor shared the gospel with her and other families. And Alice would help other mothers take the casts off of their babies.?

?God has blessed our effort and Ernest is fine,? Alice said.