Learning to forgive

Mike in Rwanda It’s not unusual for parents of a child with clubfoot to be shunned by their neighbors and even their own family. What is unique is finding forgiveness in your heart through the treatment process. When Mike was born with clubfoot, his parents Jean Marie and Petronille wondered why God was punishing them. […]

Hope Walks hires new vice president of programs

Contact: Steve Robinson, Hope Walks, 717-574-0693 For Immediate Release:    Dillsburg, PA (January 7, 2021) – Jaisankar (Jai) Sarma, Ph.D., recently joined Hope Walks, an international nonprofit, as its vice president of programs. In his role, he provides program strategy for the organization’s clubfoot programs in 16 countries in Latin America and Africa. Hope Walks […]

A gift of new feet

Nadiatou in Burkina Faso Living with your inlaws is not always easy. When Mamata’s husband, Idrissa, had to leave Burkina Faso to find employment in Gabon 1,200 miles from their home, Mamata was forced to stay with her inlaws. Because their son Nadiatou had clubfoot, Mamata was often on the receiving end of accusing glances […]

In the nick of time

Ernest in Rwanda When Alice’s son Ernest was born with clubfoot, she thought it was a permanent disability so there was no need for treatment. Fortunately,  a community health worker saw Ernest and advised this family from Rwanda to seek treatment at the Hope Walks partner clinic in Kabgayi. Too many families like this never […]

Journalist dad becomes part of his story

Cesia in Honduras Elin is a journalist for the Honduras National University journal Presencia Universitaria. He writes articles on many different topics, but he never imagined that one story he covered in 2018 would have such a profound impact on him and his yet-to-be-born daughter more than a year later. In 2018, Elin was covering […]

Clubfoot treatment is like music to the ears

Maramawit in Ethiopia When their daughter Maramawit was born with clubfoot, Kiros and Tseryet were in complete shock and decided to hide their precious little girl. The thought of neighbors saying something discouraging was enough to break their hearts. But for this young father, a music composer by trade, learning that his daughter’s feet could […]

A triple threat

Muhindo in the Democratic Republic of Congo Imagine being born with clubfoot that was never treated, giving birth to a daughter with clubfoot, and now facing the birth of your second child with this birth defect. This is the reality for Kavira in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But she’s been through this before, and […]

Hope in the midst of COVID-19

COVID & Clubfoot – Stories from the Front lines Freedom from Clubfoot during COVID-19 – A global conversation of hope Miss our online update on how COVID-19 is impacting the treatment of clubfoot? Watch the replay! As an international non-profit charity, we are keenly aware of how small our world has become. For the most […]

Following God’s roadmap

Staff Story Our paths in life are rarely straight. So it was for Ishaya. He grew up in a Christian home, but in his 30s, he converted to Islam. However, major life events turned the path again and had him rethinking his spiritual foundations, eventually leading him to Hope Walks. Earlier in his life, Ishaya […]

Healing in a dream comes true

Keola in Haiti Before Keola was born with clubfoot, her grandmother had a dream about her future. Her dream included visions of her granddaughter being born with her feet deformed and a nurse working to heal her. These visions came true when Keola and her family were led to treatment at a Hope Walks partner […]