Daricson in Honduras

Daricson comes from a large and loving family. He is the youngest of five children, ranging in age from 22 down to three-year-old Daricson. When their little brother was born, they all were shocked by his clubfoot disability. 

Not surprisingly, his mom, Carla, cried after he was born, and the nurses could not console her. But they were able to get through to Carla’s husband, Wilson. They told him there was a solution and took him to a hospital poster explaining clubfoot. Wilson saved the number on the poster and contacted the Hope Walks partner clinic shortly after Daricson was born. 

Daricson’s dad was concerned about his son because Wilson has a 55-year-old cousin with untreated clubfoot. He had seen his cousin’s struggles over the years and did not want those same challenges for his little boy.

Hope Walks staff assured Wilson and Carla their son would be fine if they followed the treatment process as instructed. His parents listened and were faithful to follow the procedures, even when their neighbors told them to stop putting the braces on Daricson.

Now, the family and neighbors are surprised when they see Daricson’s progress. “I am speechless,” Wilson said, “What we see today is beautiful. I do not wish it [clubfoot] on anyone. But as long as there are organizations like Hope Walks that care about people, there is hope.”

Daricson before and after treatment for clubfoot in Honduras