Can you think of a better way to celebrate World Clubfoot Day, June 3? 

A list of kids’ names whose lives have been changed after more than 17 years of clubfoot treatment would take up a lot of space. But one name stands out – Hulgize. This little boy from Ethiopia holds a special honor as the 150,000th child recently enrolled in clubfoot treatment since the clubfoot program began in 2006.

Hulgize’s story is similar to many other children donors have helped support over the years. At birth, there was confusion about his twisted feet. Even the medical professionals didn’t know exactly what to tell the family or gave inaccurate information about when treatment should start. Like many moms, Hulgize’s mom hid her little boy’s twisted feet because she was afraid and ashamed.

But like thousands of other children, Hulgize’s clubfoot has been corrected using the Ponseti method of weekly casts. Born in December 2022, Hulgize is now in the bracing stage and will mostly wear the foot abduction brace while sleeping until he is five.

While 150,000+ kids have been enrolled, the impact is far more significant. Think of the moms and dads, extended family, and community members who benefit when a child is no longer disabled. Untreated, these children most likely won’t go to school and won’t be able to walk to the local water hole to help their family. Sadly, the United Nations reports that disabled children are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience physical and sexual abuse.

With your help, we are well on our way to enrolling the next 150,000 kids into clubfoot treatment and freeing them and their families from the burden of clubfoot.