Scott Reichenbach, president of Hope Walks, recently visited Ethiopia. This is the second of three posts reflecting on what he saw there.

1,100 km from the capital of Ethiopia, you?ll find the ancient city of Aksum, and in it, St. Mary?s Hospital. Hope Walks supports a clubfoot clinic there. I visited recently and had the opportunity to meet many of the families who come there for treatment. No clinic can run without someone to staff it, though, so I also took some time to get to know the physiotherapists and the parent advisor who make this clinic possible.

Scott Reichenbach interacting with families at the St. Mary?s clinic

The physiotherapists run the clinic. They have incredible stories?injured in war, trained in physiotherapy in North Sudan and in Ethiopia. We provided hands-on training in clubfoot treatment. Ever since the clubfoot program began in this region, they have been working in the clubfoot clinic at St. Mary?s. They are incredibly faithful and dedicated, not only to the work, but to the families who come here. They gave an impassioned word of gratitude for the support of the program. That day, they had 14 kids in the clinic?proof of the quality care and work they are doing every Thursday in this small hospital in northern Ethiopia.

A physiotherapist assesses a child with clubfoot at St. Mary?s Hospital

Our clubfoot Parent Advisor had his own story. Although he was young, he has experienced his own challenges and personal rejection. Everyday, though, he comes to the clubfoot clinic to encourage and support these families and children born with clubfoot. He helps keep them on track, and he is able to encourage them to press on by sharing his own testimony of Someone Greater.

The Hope Walks parent advisor, talking to a mother of a child with clubfoot

You will find stories like these in the Hope Walks clinics around the world. Each clinic has trained medical personnel and parent advisors, the essential elements needed to ensure healing can happen for children with clubfoot. They are bringing healing and transformation to these kids and their families, both through the medical care of the physiotherapists and through the spiritual impact of our parent advisors.

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