Isabella in the Dominican Republic

When a child is born with clubfoot, often the parents feel an overwhelming sense of isolation from other families. That?s exactly what Arianny Mercedes felt when her daughter Isabella was born with clubfoot in the Dominican Republic.?

Fortunately, Isabella?s pediatrician knew exactly what the condition was and knew where to direct Arianny to receive treatment. However, it wasn?t until they arrived at the Hope Walks partner clinic in Santo Domingo and saw all the children with clubfoot that Arianny?s feelings of isolation disappeared.

?This program really gave me my hope back because I got to see a lot of kids with clubfoot. I could witness how all of them were being treated and healed,? Arianny said. ?When I started to interact with other mothers and share experiences, I realized I wasn?t the only one suffering. They got their hope back, and I could too.?

Today, Isabella?s feet have gone from twisted to straight, and she?s able to walk like any other kid her age.

?The clubfoot program has brought our family back from sadness and despair,? she said. ?I like the way people treat us. If the clubfoot program from Hope Walks didn?t exist, I would have remained hopeless.?