Elysee in Rwanda

Having one child who had clubfoot was hard enough. When their second boy, Elysee, also was born with clubfoot, hearts sank for his parents Theophile and Muhoracyeye.? The parents knew the challenges ahead of them even though their first son was successfully treated at the Hope Walks partner clinic Gahini in Rwanda.

?It was very hard to hear that our second child also was born with clubfoot,? Muhoracyeye, the mother, said. ?But we believed that he would be healed as his brother.?

This time around, the growing family found it more difficult to come up with the transportation fees. The added expenses meant they weren?t able to get Elysee to the clinic as soon as their first son. However, they knew how important treatment at a specialized clinic such as Gahini is so they made every effort to get there.

?Don?t give up on the treatment of clubfoot because it is a treatable and curable deformity,? Muhoracyeye advises other mothers.

Today, Elysee?s casting phase has been successfully completed, and he is wearing a brace during the day and night. Even more promising, the parents are now participating in the church?s activities after hearing about the gospel from their parent advisor. Even though lightning struck this family twice, God has made sure new spiritual growth has blossomed from it.