Mike in Rwanda

It’s not unusual for parents of a child with clubfoot to be shunned by their neighbors and even their own family. What is unique is finding forgiveness in your heart through the treatment process.

When Mike was born with clubfoot, his parents Jean Marie and Petronille wondered why God was punishing them. Their neighbors abandoned them leaving the young farming couple without a support system. They soon found a new support system with the medical professionals who guided them to the Hope Walks partner clinic at Gahini in Rwanda, the clinicians who casted their son, and the parent advisor. 

At first, the parents thought the Plaster of Paris casts would cut Mike’s legs. But it wasn’t long before they saw improvements in his feet. He is now even able to wear shoes. 

“I am very happy to have quality treatment at no cost to us,” Petronille said. “God bless the sponsors!”

In the end, Mike’s feet were straightened and Jean Marie and Petronille learned that clubfoot is not a punishment from God. Perhaps most importantly, through the counseling of the parent advisor, they learned to forgive their neighbors who did not accept their disabled son. This family was shown God’s love and reflected it back on those around them.