Pastor Joshua in Mozambique

When asked to be a parent advisor five years ago, the decision was an easy one for Pastor Joshua.

“I thought I could contribute to alleviating the plight of parents who see their children born with defects in their feet, talking to them and encouraging them to have faith in God who is the creator and caretaker of men,” Pastor Joshua said.

This is the part of the job he has enjoyed most while working at the Hope Walks partner clinic at Xai-Xai Provincial Hospital. But even with his reassuring words, Pastor Joshua says the biggest challenge is convincing the families that a child with clubfoot can be treated and live a normal life without disability. Depending on how twisted the feet are, families find it hard to believe their child can be healed.

Like any job there are highs and lows. Pastor Joshua feels satisfaction watching a family go through the entire clubfoot journey and come out on the other end stronger than they were at the beginning and closer to God. His biggest heartbreak comes when a family doesn’t follow his instructions or those of the clinicians. This leads to relapsed feet and families completely dropping out of the program.

Pastor Joshua is just one of more than 130 parent advisors who devote at least one day at a clubfoot clinic each week, and hours making follow-up calls and home visits. He is a humble, hardworking person who believes in God and is committed to working and always spreading the message of clubfoot treatment.

Pastor Joshua (blue shirt) counsels a mother and new patient at Xai-Xai Provincial Hospital in Mozambique.