Isabelle in Togo

Like so many children born with clubfoot, Isabelle’s family was seen as cursed. Her neighbors even said the family practiced witchcraft.

Fortunately, one of the neighbors visited Lomé and brought back the good news that clubfoot can be treated by the Hope Walks partner CNAO-Lomé clinic. The family was even more amazed when they learned the treatment was free to them.

The 35-mile trip to the clinic on a weekly basis during the casting was not easy. Isabelle would cry most of the way home after the new cast was put on. But her mother, Mazalou, was persistent and undeterred to make sure her child was healed.

“I am so happy for my child’s treatment,” Mazalou said. “I do not feel any shame in the village now, I am walking boldly before those people who were mocking us. I say thank you to those who gave our children the opportunity to be treated for free and finally seen as a human being. May the grace of God be with them!”