Edgar in Malawi

When Agness saw her son?s feet for the first time, she did not believe his clubfoot could be corrected. But despair turned into hope as soon as they had an opportunity to meet with a Hope Walks parent advisor. These individuals are a key component to the entire treatment process, offering education, support and guidance.

Agness attended the first counseling session with her husband John and her grandmother at the Hope Walks partner clubfoot clinic at Beit CURE International Hospital in Malawi. The parent advisor taught them there was nothing they could have done to prevent Edgar?s clubfoot, but with time and patience, it could be completely corrected.

They came to the clinic doubting, but now give testimony about the value of education and the treatment process.?

?Thank you Alangizi (advisor in Nyanja) for all you have done for my son Edgar,? Agness said. ?I felt like quitting but because of your prayers and encouragement, I am now here with my baby?s normal feet.??