Shabir from Mozambique

“They never expected this miracle.” Shabir from Mozambique Some of the families we meet from remote villages have no context for things many people consider to be common—things like water faucets, toilets, and doorknobs (sometimes, even doors). So imagine living in a remote village along the coast of Mozambique and having a child born with […]

Cameron from Benin

We don’t know much about how Cameron came into this world, but we do know that he was abandoned by his family. We can guess it had something to do with the fact that he was born with two feet twisted inward by clubfoot. Thankfully, Cameron was adopted by a woman in Benin—even though she […]

Hussen from Burundi

Hussen’s parents might be young, but they’ve proven to have wisdom beyond their years. When their son was born with clubfoot, they accepted him exactly as he was—a rarity in places like Burundi, where traditional beliefs still run strong. Even though they loved their son unconditionally, they were relieved to hear that treatment was available […]

Izza from Niger

Halima could handle the fact that her daughter Izza was born with clubfoot. She could handle the journey to Niamey for treatment—three days and two nights across more than 1500 kilometers of Nigerien desert. She could even handle that treatment for Izza would mean staying in Niamey, separated from her husband, home, and native language […]

Germahiony from the DR

Many parents are shocked and confused when their child is born with clubfoot. It’s usually something they’ve never seen before. But for Jessy and Steffany, clubfoot was all too familiar. Jessy comes from a long line of clubfoot. Although he wasn’t born with it, but many of his family members were. In his experience, treatment […]

Steeve from Haiti

Steeve (yes, with two e’s!) and his twin brother were born two months premature. They spent their early days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in their home country of Haiti, but Steeve faced an additional challenge. He was born with clubfoot; his brother was not. Steeve’s mother was shocked when she […]

Erick from Honduras

There’s an island off the northern shores of Honduras named Roatan. It’s where Erick’s family lives. Usually, children born with clubfoot in remote locations like Roatan have little chance of finding treatment, but that wasn’t the case for Erick. He was able to receive early clubfoot treatment from a local public hospital. This would have […]