We don?t know much about how Cameron came into this world, but we do know that he was abandoned by his family. We can guess it had something to do with the fact that he was born with two feet twisted inward by clubfoot.

Thankfully, Cameron was adopted by a woman in Benin?even though she knew what a tough road they?d share together. The stigma of disability is a cruel fate that would have followed Cameron through his entire life. His adopted mother worried about the mockery he would face as a child, as well as the lack of work he?d find as an adult. She hoped to give Cameron a normal life, but with his condition, it didn?t look promising.

Hope for Cameron?s future returned at the hands of another stranger who looked at him with love, not disgust. His adopted mother shares,

?Everyone was asking me to hide the child’s feet, but I did not care. I was already looking for information on where I could treat it. One day I was with him at my place of work when a gentleman approached me to tell me that my child’s feet could be treated if I wanted to. I accepted.

?During my first visit to the clubfoot clinic, I immediately felt that I was in the right place. The welcome, the organization, everything gave me confidence.

?If I really had hidden my child’s feet, he would be disabled. Today, my son walks with normal feet and I am more than happy.?