Many parents are shocked and confused when their child is born with clubfoot. It?s usually something they?ve never seen before. But for Jessy and Steffany, clubfoot was all too familiar.

Jessy comes from a long line of clubfoot. Although he wasn?t born with it, but many of his family members were. In his experience, treatment for clubfoot in the Dominican Republic is long, complicated, and expensive?certainly too expensive for him and Steffany to afford.

You can imagine the fear and dismay that washed over Jessy and Steffany when they learned their firstborn child, Germahiony, was born with clubfoot. People said the condition was Steffany?s fault because of the hard labor she does to support her family.

Despite being burdened with so much misplaced guilt and shame, Jessy and Steffany took the advice of a friend who suggested going to a pediatric hospital in Santo Domingo. They thought they knew what they?d find there – risky surgeries and a drawn-out treatment process that they would never be able to afford. Instead, they found Dr. Honna Silfa and the Ponseti method, compassionate parent advisors, and, most surprising of all, no bills to pay.

Germahiony started the casting process immediately. Jessy and Steffany were diligent caregivers, never missing an appointment. Today, Germahiony is in the maintenance phase of bracing. She will grow up to take her first steps on straight feet.

Jessy and Steffany are completely amazed. Their parent advisor shared, ?They look at the program as a tool God used to heal their only child. Their thankfulness is huge. They think what the program does is the most excellent deed they?ve ever seen.?