a month without disability

Every month, more than 1,800 kids are born with clubfoot in the countries where Hope Walks serves.


We need your help to support these kids and their families. With you, we can realize a Month without Disability. Donate now or start a fundraiser.



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As little as $50 will pay for seven casts, enough to start a child down the right path to walking and running free from the burden of clubfoot. Every little bit gets us closer.

please give by december 31








Two ways to help

Make a donation

With your help, we can raise $569,866 by Dec. 31 - enough close the gap to treat nearly 1,800 kids born with clubfoot each month in the countries where we serve. All gifts from new donors will be matched thanks to a generous donor!

Start a fundraiser

Start a fundraiser today and get your friends and family in on the action. Pitch in together and raise $500, enough to cover the cost of full correction for one child. ALL NEW DONORS' GIFTS WILL BE DOUBLED! Click here to read our FAQ.

A treatable condition shouldn’t keep a child from walking

Clubfoot is a common birth defect that can leave children with a lifelong disability. For many families in low-income countries, treatment is not accessible.

Thanks to generous donors, Blessing in Kenya was able to get treatment otherwise unaffordable for his family.

As little as $50 will pay for seven weeks of casts, enough to get a child closer to walking free from the burden of clubfoot. Every dollar counts.