Vicky in DR Congo



When Mireille saw her son Vicky for the first time with his right foot twisted due to clubfoot, she imagined that surgery would be the only possible way to correct his condition. The thought of surgery on her sweet little boy stole away what should have been one of the most joyous moments of her young life. But often our vision is limited. Healing was in Vicky?s future, just not as his mother thought.

Soon after his birth, Mireille was referred to the Hope Walks partner clinic HEAL Africa in DR Congo where the Ponseti method would be used instead of surgery to correct Vicky?s foot. The Ponseti method uses gentle foot manipulation, casting, a tenotomy and bracing. This highly successful method is minimally invasive.

Things were looking up for her son, but Mireille?s problems were only beginning. Vicky?s father refused to accept the child with his deformity. Others told her treatment was not possible because she gave birth to Vicky before marriage. Sometimes healing the body is much easier than healing relationships. The clinicians used their medical skills on Vicky, and the parent advisors are still using their counseling skills to bring healing to this family.

Despite the challenging road ahead for Mireille and her son, she has hope.

?My heart is thankful for having Hope Walks to support me getting my child corrected,? Mireille said. ?I hope the boy who made me pregnant will come back to me after seeing our child corrected. God is good all the time.? — All the time, God is good!