Sasha in Malawi

We all have dreams for our kids. Even though her daughter Sasha is just a baby, Tamandani hopes she will become a police officer someday. When she was born with clubfoot, Tamandani thought those dreams would not come to reality. 

After realizing Sasha was born with a disability, Tamandani’s husband left her and her newborn. The total burden of care now falls squarely on her shoulders. Tamandani supports the family with a small business that barely meets their daily needs. The cost of transportation to a clubfoot clinic was not something she had worked into their budget. 

Shortly after her birth, the district hospital referred Sasha’s family to the Hope Walks partner clinic at Blantyre in Malawi. Tamandani took Sasha to her first visit, where clinicians applied the first cast in the Ponseti method of treatment. Sasha cried a lot making her mom fear the cast was too heavy for her frail legs. 

The parent advisor Gertrude was very patient with Tamandani, educating her about the clubfoot treatment process, encouraging her, and strengthening this young mom’s faith. Tamandani belongs to the Church of Central African Presbyterian, but through this trial, she accepted Christ as her savior. 

“I lost hope that my child could be treated from clubfoot,” Tamandani said. “I didn’t even know where to go for the treatment. But I thank God for His timing. Indeed God’s timing is the best.”

Who knows if Sasha will someday be a police officer like her mother dreams? At least now, thanks to her healing, it is possible.