Santos in Mozambique

If you’ve ever had to take care of a baby, you know it can be challenging…all the diapering and bathing on a squirmy baby. Now, imagine that baby has a pair of casts that you must do your best to keep dry and clean through all the routine baby chores. This is what moms whose babies have clubfoot deal with; for Joana, this was the hardest part. 

This did not deter her from caring for her son, Santos. Even with little formal education, Joana was keenly interested in her son’s clubfoot treatment and did all she could to learn more about this medical condition. She researched and showed a lot of dedication when following the clinicians’ recommendations. 

The progress of the foot straightening varies with each child. When clinicians removed Santos’ fourth cast, Joana could see the gain for the first time, giving her renewed confidence in the process. Today, she knows all the sacrifices the family made for Santos, and his treatment was worth it.

“Finding a cure for my son is a huge blessing and satisfaction,” Joana said.