Sahily in the Dominican Republic

Even though Beris and her husband Yaisy had access to ultrasounds during her pregnancy, they say the doctors never noticed, or at least never mentioned, that their unborn daughter Sahily had clubfoot. But there was no doubt something was wrong with her feet when she was born. They just didn’t know what it was. And it scared them.

When Sahily was 19 days old, they found a place where she could get treatment. Unfortunately, this medical facility did not follow the gold-standard Ponseti method that Hope Walks partner clinics use. Casting is always the first step to correct the feet. However, this facility just started bracing the child. 

Sahily was treated this way for six months, but it was clear to her parents that this technique was not working. After they complained, they were told they could start casting, but only if they had medical insurance. The other alternative was surgery costing as much as $1,200. 

It was a blessing that this family could not afford surgery, because this eventually led them to Hospital Dario Contreras and the Hope Walks program. Not only would the treatment be done correctly, but it would also be provided at no charge to this family. This couple lives in a municipality in the province of San Juan de la Maguana. The trip to Santo Domingo is eight hours by public bus. But thanks to a transportation grant, Hope Walks was able to provide some money to help defer the cost of the long journey.

Beris, a full-time mom, and Yaisy, a truck driver for local produce, would not have been able to afford treatment or the transportation costs to the clinic without donor support. 

Now that Sahily is being treated with the Ponseti method, her parents are amazed at the difference they are seeing in her feet. 

Beris and Yaisy are happy as they see the Ponseti method bear fruit for their little girl. Sahily’s right foot is in the maintenance phase and straight. She is so happy that hope has been returned to this family.