Alian in the Dominican Republic

Born in a private medical center, Alian began treatment right away after his family was referred to an orthopedic surgeon, but not all went as planned.

When Alian’s mom Josefa started educating herself and watching videos on casting and manipulation techniques, she grew concerned over how her son was being treated by their current doctor. The doctor was casting Alian’s foot, but not manipulating it beforehand or using the Ponseti method. He even performed the wrong tenotomy. Somehow through this process, Alian’s knee became twisted as well. When Josefa questioned his methods, the doctor replied angrily, telling them to find someone else to cure Alian.

On their way to Santo Domingo to take Alian to a different medical center, a woman on the bus told them about a Hope Walks partner clinic and assured them they used the Ponseti method Josefa learned about. The partner clinic was able to confirm the ineffectiveness of Alian’s previous treatment.

The biggest challenge for the family was traveling 5 hours to the clinic, but it all paid off as they saw Alian’s left foot move to its correct position. Luckily their parent advisors moved them to the top of the list each time so their travels shortened.

Today Alian is 4 years old, running and playing all over the place. Alian’s parents, Josefa and Aquiles, reiterate the need for families of children with clubfoot to be informed so they can receive the same effective treatment that Alian did!