Sabiou in Niger

Zoubeirou, a butcher, and Dayaba, a homemaker, had many fears when their son Sabiou was born with clubfoot in Niger. ?Don?t take your child to treatment,? their neighbors and relatives would say. ?It is not good to change what God has done,? they argued.

This family felt the peer pressure of their community, but deep down, they knew Sabiou?s clubfoot could be treated, but how would this family of meager means pay for such a thing?

Then one day, Dayaba met a mother at a health center who said her child also had clubfoot but was treated at a Hope Walks partner clinic at the CURE Hospital in Niamey. She was surprised to learn that she would not have to pay anything for treatment. In faith, donors had already paid for the child?s treatment even before Sabiou was born.

?Before coming to the clinic the first time, my heartbeat accelerated,? Dayaba said. ?Then I heard from the parent advisor about treatment and the assurance of healing. That day, I stopped being afraid.?

Perhaps most importantly, Zoubeiru and Dayabe learned that not treating their child was never God?s will. God has other plans for Sabiou and his family.

Sabiou before and after treatment for his clubfoot in Niger. Generous donors made sure the bill was “paid in full.”