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Our Story

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Hope Walks is a group driven by dignity and compassion for vulnerable children and their families committed to ending the treatable disability of clubfoot through local health partners. In the process, we strive to? show the love of Christ with tangible actions, not just empty words.

Hope Walks began in 2006 as CURE Clubfoot, a program of CURE International. By December 2018 this network of clubfoot treatment centers had treated more than 123,000 children and was being presented with new opportunities for growth.

In 2018, CURE decided to make the clubfoot program an independent entity, named Hope Walks. Hope Walks focuses on strengthening health systems and public health through the early intervention and correction of children born with clubfoot in Africa and Latin America.

Hope Walks was incorporated in July 2018 and took full ownership of CURE?s clubfoot program in June 2019. Today, Hope Walks is the largest Christian organization treating children with clubfoot. Thanks to generous donors, Hope Walks has been able to enroll nearly 136,000 kids since 2006.?

As a founding member of the Global Clubfoot Initiative, Hope Walks is a proud sponsor of Run Free 2030, a global initiative to see all children born with clubfoot have access to quality clubfoot care and treatment using the Ponseti method by 2030.?

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