Mumbere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

At his birth, Mumbere?s physical problems were many, including spina bifida, hydrocephalus and clubfoot. Neighbors discouraged Mumbere?s parents by telling them their precious baby?s disabilities were too many to correct. But this poor Christian family had a hope beyond what their neighbors saw.

Treating his other physical issues can be costly and challenging, but Mumbere?s parents were pleased to learn they would not be charged for the clubfoot treatment and how simple the process of casting and bracing was to straighten his feet. The doctor who treated his spina bifida directed this family to the Hope Walks partner clinic in Oicha, DRC.

After the fifth cast, father Mbusa and mother Kavugho saw a dramatic improvement in their son?s feet. They knew from that time forward Mumbere would walk someday like other kids his age.

Neighbors told Mbusa and Kavugho doctors could not heal their child. But Mumbere’s parents knew God is always on their side and humbles those who don?t believe.