Muhindo in DRC

Learning that your child is born with clubfoot can be shocking news to parents. Often, this is the first time they are hearing about clubfoot and are unsure how to help their child. Thankfully, Hope Walks partner clinics work to not only heal children from clubfoot, but to educate their families as well.

This was the case for Muhindo. After his birth, Kanyere and Anaowa made the journey  to the Hope Walks partner clinic HEAL Africa-Goma to find help for their son. It was there that they were overwhelmed by the warm welcome of the clinic’s staff. After staff members took time to explain the healing process to his parents, Kanyere and Anaowa could not believe their son would be receiving treatment. 

A new hope blossomed as Muhindo’s family gained courage that their child would be healed. Kanyere was shocked that treatment would come at no cost for her family. “This  is  our  first  time  hearing  about  free  healthcare.  Thank  you  to  God  who  allowed  me  to  have  information about  this  clinic,” Kanyere said.