Jonathan in the Ethiopia

Sometimes, parents of children with clubfoot are told to seek healing through ways not involving medical treatment. Jonathan and his parents in Ethiopia were advised to get holy water from churches, use heat from sunlight and use traditional medicines to find healing. Despite these suggestions, Tarekegn took his son to the Hope Walks partner clinic at the CURE Hospital in Addis Ababa.

At the clinic, his parents learned about the Ponseti method for healing clubfoot. Jonathan began treatment and results were quickly seen. Shocked at the progress made after the removal of the first cast, his mother Meseret mistakenly believed the treatment was over. She urged her husband to end treatment, but Tarekegn remained consistent in taking his son to treatment and follow-up appointments.

In the beginning stages of treatment, Tarekegn and Meseret blamed themselves and God for causing their son to be born with clubfoot. But, with the help from their parent advisors, they came to understand the cause is unknown. With his new-found knowledge, Tarekegn began teaching his community members about clubfoot and the success of the Ponseti method.

Instead of being ashamed, Tarekegn began carrying Jonathan around in a way that drew attention to his brace. This was done in an effort to open up conversation and allow community members to ask questions about the brace and clubfoot. What was once seen as a burden by his family was now an opportunity for education. Tarekegn could not be more grateful to his parent advisor and Hope Walks for teaching him the wonders of medical treatment that helped heal his son.

Before casting

After casting