Increased travel time

COVID & Clubfoot – Stories from the front lines

Matilde is the mother of 5-month-old Niko who started clubfoot treatment in mid-March in Mozambique. This family, like many we’ve heard from, is having additional challenges getting to the clinic for treatment. Typically, it takes Matilde two bus transfers to get to the clinic. Now sometimes they have to catch four buses to get to the clinic in time.

Once on the bus, she worries about the other commuters who aren’t always following the recommended preventative measures. She worries that they will be infected or that she’ll bring the virus home. 

The pandemic has also impacted her personal and professional life. Matilde, a primary school teacher, stopped working once the schools closed. At first, the schools tried to use online technology to teach classes from their homes, but this proved too difficult. Most of her students don’t have access to the technology needed.

Matilde advises people to comply with all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and to pray, “because everything we ask in faith, God always answers.”

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