Harouna in Burkina Faso

When Harouna was born with clubfoot, his parents Issouf and Assetou, became very melancholy. Fortunately for this family, Harouna was born in a facility where the medical staff had received Clubfoot Early Detection and Referral training from Hope Walks. Because the staff was knowledgeable about clubfoot, they quickly diagnosed and referred the family to the Tenkodogo Regional Hospital physiotherapy unit, where Hope Walks has a partner clinic.

Issouf is a local mason, and his wife is a homemaker. Despite living on a very modest income, they prioritized getting Harouna into his weekly appointments, even if it meant borrowing some money so they could pay for public transportation. 

Hope Walks parent advisors counseled the couple on the treatment process and the importance of making each visit. This motivated the parents to stay true to the treatment process.

Now that Harouna’s feet are straight and he is in the bracing phase, they can see the benefit of treatment. They are so encouraged they routinely raise clubfoot awareness in local villages by showing before and after photos of their son.