Renah and Weldon in Kenya

Renah Auma is a new parent advisor for Clubfoot Care for Kenya (CCK), Hope Walks’ partner in this country. Renah felt called to Hope Walks through her own child’s clubfoot journey. 

When Renah’s son Weldon was born with clubfoot, she was devastated. Medical staff diagnosed the clubfoot immediately after birth and advised Renah to take Weldon to Kendu Adventist Hospital. During this time, Renah was also navigating through a divorce. However, Renah was strong enough to take Weldon to Kendu Adventist Hospital for clubfoot correction. 

When Renah first came to the Kendu clinic for her son’s treatment,  a parent advisor explained her son’s condition and treatment process in depth. The parent advisor also helped Renah navigate through her divorce. Through this process, Renah found a love for parent advisors and their willingness to help others. When Renah’s parent advisor transferred to another clinic, CCK staff recruited Renah to take her place as the new parent advisor in Kendu.

What once seemed like a devastating time in Renah’s life is now considered God’s calling on her life. Renah finds great joy in serving families with children born with clubfoot and likes to share her testimony with others. Renah is now one of the many parent advisors at Hope Walks who helps families navigate the emotional and spiritual challenges associated with their loved ones’ treatment process.


Renah (sitting) offers comfort and counseling to a mom whose child is undergoing clubfoot treatment.