Austin in the Dominican Republic

Knowing nothing about clubfoot, Austin?s parents, Felix and Keyraleza, were caught off guard when Austin was born with this condition. The hospital where Austin was born gave the family more information about what clubfoot is and one of Austin?s aunts led them in the direction of a Hope Walks partner clinic. At just a few days old, Austin attended his first visit at the clinic. Keyraleza didn?t waste any time taking him to the clinic saying, ?If there was a solution for us, we were not going to give it more time, we?d act immediately.?

With every visit, Austin?s parents were filled with even more hope as they saw the evolution of his treatments and his foot straighten over time, with a new cast every week. They were most comforted by their parent advisor who gave them more insight into clubfoot, telling them there is no known cause for it, but it is not the result of anything the mother has done. This gave Keyraleza much peace, as she thought she may have done something wrong during her pregnancy.?

When Austin turned one, he could finally take his momentous first steps! Felix and Keyraleza were overwhelmed with joy as Austin started walking for the first time on his straightened feet. With Austin and his family?s hopes met, they turn their hope to others who are affected by clubfoot so they can receive the same treatment they did.?

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